How to Dress as a Lady Vampire?

Vampires have always been a fascinating part of folklore and literature. Now they are popping up in books, movies and television more than ever before. Vampire costumes become one of the most popular outfits among party goers both for Halloween or horror theme costume party.  Dressing as a woman vampire can be a fun way to express your inner bloodsucker. Today I will give you some useful tips to help you dress as a vampire?

ImageFirst, decide on your vampire outfit. For the modest women, they prefer to the long flowing dress including a black satin gown or deep red velvet. For the fashionable women, high leather boots, a long black leather trench coat and a sexy mini dress will be a great choice.

ImageSecond, select the right hairstyle to go with your vampire costume. A long wig of straight black hair comes with the traditional vampire Halloween costumes. The long black hair adds to the dark Gothic look. A white or gray streak in the hair will help make it look more sinister.
Third, do a vampire makeup. Vampires are not actually alive; they do not have the rosy glow to their skin like humans. Vampires have the trademark pale look including your face and neck.
At last, you need the fangs. The outstanding feature of vampire is the fangs. Buy a set of vampire fangs from a party store and fit them over your teeth.


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